For Associate Professors for National & International Conferences

Academic Year 2021-2022

Application form

Travel From 04/01/21 until 03/31/22
◊ Stefan Bernard Baumrin [SBB] for Fulltime Associate Professors

Important Notice
◊ The deadline to apply is March 15th, 2022.
◊ The Travel Award is any amount up to $500 maximum.
◊ Applicants may apply for only one CUNY Academy Travel Award per academic year.
◊ Notification to Applicants occurs after the application deadline of March 31st,
2022, of the status of their application.
◊ The Travel Awards are for Faculty in any CUNY College attending a Scholarly Event to
Present, Perform, Chair, or Moderate.
◊ The CUNY Office of Research processes Payments of the awards through CUNY campuses
(not through the CUNY Academy).
◊ CUNY requires the completion of a travel waiver for all faculty travel. Per CUNY
policy, all participants in the CUNY Academy travel programs must submit this approved paperwork
before the trip. [Information on that policy is available here:
◊ The forms that faculty are required to complete is here:
◊ The approved form will need to be part of the package which faculty submit for
reimbursement post-travel.
◊ Federal rules mandate that travel is on a U.S. carrier, if possible. Please see the
Guidance here: for Federally-funded travel Awards.
Also, an order issued by New York State forbids compensation for travel to North Carolina and
◊ Applicants who cannot attend a conference as planned should inform us immediately to
re-allocate unused funds to other applicants. After 45 days of the conference/event, we will
release unclaimed funds into Award funds for other applicants.

Required Documents and Eligibility
◊ Invitation Letter/ Program Showing Your Name
◊ Resume / Curriculum Vitae [CV] ◊ Understand Award is valid ONLY for the Scholarly event stated in this application
◊ Confirm you DO NOT hold full-time positions at another Institution or Corporation
other than CUNY
◊ The Scholarly event for which you are requesting funds is taking place between APRIL
1st, 2021- MARCH 31st, 2022
◊ Confirm you have completed the FORM – Notification of Intent/Petition to Travel.
Click here to access the form

Additional Information and Requirements
◊ After submitting your application online, you should receive an email response with
your filled-out application. The email you receive confirms the receipt of your application.
Additionally, forward the email response you received after filling out your application to your
chair/dean for approval -which entails the chair/dean forwarding that email to the applicable email
address as indicated above with the statement: “I support this travel award application.” Your
application will be considered incomplete and ineligible for funding without all requirements met.
◊ All funding for awards is given to candidates only after traveling to and attending
the Scholarly event. Award amount determination is heavily based on fund availability and relative
distance traveled compared to all travelers, as such amount awarded to awardees may differ from
cycle to cycle. The total amount of funds disbursed will not exceed the amount awarded and the
total amount in the submitted receipts for that Scholarly event, irrespective of the amount
awarded. Awardees may receive funding from other sources for the same Scholarly event; however,
they may not reimburse a budget item twice. Awardees will be notified after the application
deadline of March 15, 2022, of the amount, awarded and will receive instructions on obtaining the

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For additional questions, send an email to Awards Program Director Dr. Damaris-Lois Lang at