The CUNY Academy Stefan Bernard Baumrin [SBB] Travel Award for Associate Professors for National & International Conferences

Academic Year 2019-2020

The Stefan Bernard Baumrin [SBB] Travel Awards for Associate Professors is for full-time Associate Professors at any CUNY college, attending a scholarly conference to present, perform, chair or moderate. The CUNY Academy also offers the travel awards for full-time Assistant Professors and Adjunct Faculty at CUNY: The Stewart Travel Awards for Assistant Professors and The CUNY Adjunct Travel Award respectively.
 Applicants who hold full time position at an institution or corporation other than CUNY are not eligible for this award.
 The conference for which you are requesting funds should take place between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.
 Applicants may apply for only one CUNY Academy Travel Award per academic year.
 The Award is valid only for the conference stated in the application
 The deadline to apply is March 15, 2020.
 Submit your application by clicking on this application form. This form doesn’t require a gmail account to access. If you are directed to a page to sign
in, click on the link “continue without sign-in” next to the sign in prompt. If you keep getting that error message then you may have to try using a different web browser and/or computer.
 If you have trouble uploading your documents, fill out all other sections of the online form and email your documents to with your CV and Conference Invitation/Program in ONE message. Please include the word “Associate Professor TRAVEL” in your subject line. Do not send multiple emails as they will not be opened.
 After submitting your application online, you should receive an email response with your filled-out application and that is sufficient to confirm the receipt of your application. Additionally, forward the email response you received after filling out your application to your chair/dean for approval -which entails the chair/dean forwarding that email to this email address with the statement: “I support this travel award application”.
 Only fully completed applications will be considered. These consists of: (1) application form, including your CV containing your home and college mailing addresses, and a copy of the conference invitation or acceptance letter or the conference program showing your name as a participant, and (2) Departmental Certification by Chair/Dean. Your application will be considered incomplete and ineligible for funding without all components of Parts (1) and (2).
 Awardees will be notified after the application deadline of March 15, 2020, of the amount awarded and will receive instructions on how to obtain the funds
 This award is financially supported by the CUNY Office of Research. Payment of the awards will be made through the CUNY Office of Research (not
through the CUNY Academy).
 Travel receipts for car, train or airline (which includes boarding pass) as well as proof of participation at the conference indicated in the application are required for all reimbursements. Documentation is required of place of departure and arrival. Travel points from frequent flier miles are not accepted.
The Travel Award is any amount up to $500 maximum. Determination is heavily based on fund availability and relative distance traveled in comparison to all travelers, as such amount awarded to awardees may differ from cycle to cycle.
 All funding for this Award is given to candidates only after travel to and attendance at the conference. The total amount of funds disbursed will not
exceed the total amount in the submitted receipts for that conference, irrespective of the amount awarded.
 Awardees may receive funding from other sources for the same conference, however a budget item may not be reimbursed twice.
 Applicants who are unable to attend a conference as planned should email immediately so unused funds can be allocated to other applicants. Unclaimed funds after 45 days of the conference date will be released into Award funds for other applicants.
 Federal rules mandate that travel be on a U.S. carrier, if possible. Please see the Guidance for Federally funded travel Awards. An order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo forbids compensation for travel to North Carolina and Mississippi.

All additional inquiries should be sent to